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Everybody has different comfort levels when it comes to writing. I’m here to level the playing field and ensure that your words are the best they can be.


If you have ideas but don’t have the time to write them down, I can…

  • Write an article, op-ed, letter, etc. as you in your voice.

  • Work with you to establish a written voice that best reflects your personal brand.

  • Channel your ideas into a cohesive, structured piece.

  • Offer two rounds of revision to ensure writing is exactly as you want it.


If you have writing that needs some polishing, I can…

  • Ensure consistency throughout + standardize voice, word choice, spelling, etc.

  • Check for typographical, spelling, and grammar errors.

  • Fact-check your dates, numbers, etc.

  • Improve flow, readability, and style.

  • Offer suggestions for additional content and future improvement.

If your business is in need of blog or newsletter content, I can…

  • Write engaging, on-brand content for your business.

  • Ensure your posts are SEO-friendly.

  • Source copyright-free images for each post.

  • Pitch content ideas based on your target audience and business niche.

  • Upload and format posts directly to your website.


Hi, I’m Jackie

I’ve been writing and editing professionally for four years, working with people to define and build personal brands. I specialize in identifying and matching written voice to create seamless works tailored for specific audiences. While I'm comfortable writing and doing research across all business categories and niches, the topics I specialize in are travel, lifestyle, and health.

Honors Degree in Humanities from the University of Chicago
Member of the American Copyeditors Society
with a Certification in Editing from the Poynter University

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